Congratulations to the 4th/5th grade team for their first WIN!  Great work and way to play as a team.  Everyone is improving and incrementally getting better.  Keep up the hard work

Special Thanks to The Lake House Grill, H.D. Fowler Irrigation, Salmon Electric and Idaho Forrest Group for their support in transitioning to our new field.  Please help support those businesses that support us!

Latest News

Welcome, EVERYONE, to the Timberlake Jr. Tackle website.  My name is Ryan Paslay. I am the organizer/director of the fall chaos we all call football.  I know many of you and your children, and I want to emphasize to you my commitment to teaching them the game of football in incremental steps within a positive environment.   I believe football is a wonderful tool to use in teaching our children many life lessons including commitment, hard work, teamwork, cooperation, success and failure.  Win or lose I challenge you and your children to always keep a positive perspective as we participate in the greatest sport on Earth.

As always thank you to all of you as parents for all you do for your kids. I know football is a big commitment for the entire family.



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Spirit Lake, Idaho